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Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition

This section aims to bring important points to your attention. Eden Parking has tried to make it as brief, easy to read and easy to understand as possible. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. All Terms and Conditions are deemed to have been accepted at the point confirmation is made.

We confirm bookings that are made on the website by issuing a booking reference via email/text message or where necessary by phone call. Please retain the booking reference number as proof of your right to drive away your vehicle on return. If the receipt is not shown then photographic identification will be needed. This will have to be the same customer that delivered the vehicle.

A booking may be cancelled up to 24 hours before the parking period and you will receive a full refund. No refunds will be given for cancellations made within 24 hours of the day of travel.

Customers that want to shorten the duration of their bookings will still be liable to pay their whole fee for their service booked. Additional days parked over the booked parking period will be charged £20 per day.

We do not accept any responsibilities for delays of our service that are caused as a result of traffic congestion, delayed flights, security alarms and so on. The list is not definitive. If the customer arrives earlier than the scheduled time without reasonable notice we will charge £25. This will be paid upon collection of the customer’s vehicle. (This may cause a delay from the scheduled time)

Bookings can only be made by the registered owner of the vehicle, or satisfactory permission must have been granted to the driver of the vehicle from the registered keeper of the vehicle.


Bookings made within 24 hours of travel are not eligible for a refund and cannot be transferred to a later date. Prices quoted by Eden Parking are complete for the period booked. However, if you are delayed more than 12 hours or your delay results in an extended stay Eden Parking reserves the right to charge a late return fee plus any additional days parking in the event of the delay resulting in an extended stay. Failure to arrive on the initial booking day for whatever reason will be deemed a “no show” and as such no refund or transfer of bookings are allowed. A new booking must be made in effect of delayed or changed timings.

Customers that use Eden Paring meet and greet service between the time 23:00 to 5:00 for reasons such as delayed arrival and departure flights or for any other reasons will be charged £20 per hour plus the booking price.

1.1 Pay Later

Customers that chose to pay later must pay cash in British Pounds when they deliver the car before departure. If full payment is not received we can refuse the vehicle and we will not be responsible for any losses like missed flight and damages that may be caused to the trip, vehicle and customer. Pay later customer wanting to make any changes or cancellations before 24 hours may do so without charge. Within 24 hours changes are free and cancellation are charged at a fee of 25% of the booking amount. Upon commencement of the booking time, in case of no contact with the customer, the customer will have to pay the full amount.In the case of ‘no show’, full payment must be paid within 3 weeks time. Failure to pay, the customer will have to pay extra charges as well as the cost to recover the outstanding amount.

1.2 Price Changes

Eden Parking is committed to providing the highest standard, at the best prices, so throughout the season we continually review our products and prices. There are likely to be some seasonal special offers and discounts where prices go down and in some circumstances prices may even increase. Always check our website for the most up-to-date prices.

2. Security of your vehicle

Before handing your vehicle over please ensure that all windows of your vehicle are securely closed, all lights and electrical equipment is switched off & all personal possessions have been removed. When handing over a convertible vehicle please ensure that the hood is up and secure. We accept no liability for house or other keys on your car key ring or kept in the vehicle. Only the vehicle key should be handed over to our driver.Eden Parking vehicle insurance are for road risks only and cover the drivers to move the vehicle to and from our secure offsite car park. Any claim for damage while the vehicle is stored, however caused, must be claimed from the customers own insurance, with the exception of damage caused while the vehicle is being driven by our driver.

If the customer takes their car whilst it is parked with us, without our acknowledgement we will have to report the car as stolen to the police and produce to court as we will consider as a crime. 

2.1 Liabilities and other Terms

We are not liable or responsible for any items left in the customer’s vehicle. We recommend you remove all valuables from your vehicle prior to handing your vehicle over. Customers should remove any items such as satnavs, loose cash, sunglasses etc. We cannot verify that these items were left in your vehicle. No claim for damage can be made unless the damage was brought to the attention of our driver upon collection of your vehicle. We accept no liability for any mechanical, structural and electrical failure of any part of your vehicle windscreens, glass, tyres, and alloy wheels. We accept no liability for any loss or damage whatsoever caused unless proved to be caused by our driver. When leaving the vehicle with the driver please make sure that the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition. This includes tyres that meet the legal requirement, sufficient fuel so that the vehicle can be driven to the car park and back again. As required by law the vehicle must also hold up to date road tax and an MOT certificate covering the full duration of the stay at Eden Parking. If you do not meet these conditions then the company can refuse to accept the vehicle or deliver it upon your return. If the road tax and MOT expires within the parking period then we will not deliver the vehicle back to the customer. Further parking costs will be incurred and the vehicle will only be released upon clearing all dues. If any liabilities or costs are incurred by the company as a result of the customer’s vehicle not complying with the Road Traffic Act 1988, the customer will be held responsible for these liabilities and costs incurred by the company. If the vehicle acquires a puncture (including slow punctures) while it is in our possession, we reserve the right to impose a charge to either inflate or change the tyre. In the event of the vehicle not starting due to a flat /non-operational battery we reserve the right to make a charge for our time in attempting to start the vehicle. In the event that we have to pick a customer up from the terminal buildings, due to a mechanical failure of your vehicle, we have the right to charge for this and any associated costs that may incur.
If the customer comes 24 hours before they are scheduled to collect their vehicle without calling Eden Parking will result in a £20 charge.
Any amendments made after the booking is first completed will cost £20.

  • Customers that don’t call 40 minutes before arriving at the terminal they will have to pay the terminal access fee.
  • Customers that book via third parties must pay terminal access fee.

Eden Parking does not reimburse or provide a courtesy vehicle for customers. Customers that have any problems with their vehicles, departure or arrival time for example, puncture tire, dead battery, hazardous weather conditions customers will have to collect their vehicle themselves.

If a customer arrives for departure without informing Eden Parking, the customer will have to wait longer than usual and they are responsible to pay the car park fee. We are not responsible for missed flights or any other damages that may have been caused due to customer not notifying us letting u know that they are 40 to 60 minutes away from the terminal.

If a customer arrives from their trip without notifying Eden Parking they will have to wait a minimum 2 hours and they will be charged £20. The customer will have to notify Eden Parking beforehand so we can deliver the vehicle upon arrival on time. We will not be responsible for any loses due not notifying Eden Parking on time so they we can deliver the vehicle.

Customers that change their terminal details when landing can incur a cost of £20.

Customers that do not provide correct details such as flight numbers, return and depart can incur a minimum wait of 2 hours and a £20 fee.

2.2 Exclusion and limits of our responsibility

Loss or damage covered by your own insurance. No vehicles will be covered for Theft/Fire/Flood or any other intervening act of nature whist the vehicle is in our custody. Once the vehicle is parked in our secure car park the insurance reverts back to the customer’s policy. The vehicle is only insured by Eden Parking while it is being driven by our employees. In the case of last minute changes and immediate access required to the customer’s vehicle whilst parked in our car park, we will deliver your vehicle to the required terminal approximately 1 hour after we have received your call depending on the traffic and weather conditions. We will not be held liable for any delayed or missed flights. We will not be responsible for any minor scratches or dents which may not be possible to identify in confined times and weather conditions. We will not be responsible for any discolour of paintwork or dents or scratches that may be caused by weather conditions. The internal condition of the vehicle is not checked at any time and no responsibility is accepted for the interior condition unless any damage is caused by our employees whilst driving the vehicle. In the event that we agree to any form of repair or compensation (whether liability is admitted or not) you (the customer) will be responsible for the excess of every claim. The insurance excess will be £800 for claims. Eden Parking cannot be held responsible if customers lose their instructions and they are presented to Eden Parking by a third party who uses it to fraudulently to take delivery of the customers vehicle. Eden Parking does not accept responsibility for the conditions of the vehicle on return to the customer, whether the vehicle was handed over to one of Eden Parking’s driver in a dirty or clean condition.

The customer must take pictures at the terminal of their vehicle when the driver is present in regards to damages. Failure to show a clear picture showing date, time and location we will not accept any claim. The customer must take a clear picture showing date, time and location of the full vehicle when the driver delivers the vehicle back to the customer at the terminal. This is in case of any damages that the customer may claim. Failure to show a clear picture we will not accept any claim.

Customers will have to provide evidence prior to the claim showing date, time and location.

Eden Parking is not responsible for natural dirt caused by birds and weather.

Eden Parking is not responsible for the cleanliness of the vehicle.

If a customer has to repair their vehicle due to damages caused, without the permission of Eden Parking, we are not responsible to pay any amount of damages.

2.3 Other Terms

Eden Parking insurance covers our legal liabilities within their terms and conditions. Eden Parking does not cover any items left in the vehicle. Please ensure that when we receive your vehicle any loose tools are safely secure and are in one place so that when driving they do not move around. We will not be liable if any tools are damaged while we have possession of your vehicle. Please ensure that there are no drinks in the drink holders. We will not be liable if any drinks spill while our driver is driving your vehicle. Please ensure that all foods and drinks are not present in your vehicle. Eden Parking cannot be held responsible for minor damages unless this was bought to the companies attention. In case of a dispute, it is the customer’s responsibility to prove that damage was caused by Eden Parking through their negligence. Eden Parking has the right to refuse to accept any vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, vehicles with a trailer and vehicles that are deemed to be unfit to drive/un-roadworthy. Eden Parking has the right to refuse the vehicle if the vehicle does not have the same registration plate. Eden Parking are working with major consolidators, brokers and physical working companies within the UK so we can receive bookings from them and give bookings to them.

Customer must pick their vehicle within 1 hour after the flight has landed, Taking longer please inform to the duty controller tell them the reason for the delay, may be an extra cost for the terminal parking or longer waiting time. 

·        Customer needs to pick up their vehicle within 1 hour after their flight has landed any delay the customer must inform the duty controller immediately.

·        If you are collecting your vehicle after midnight there will be a cost of £30 per hour.   

Please note if you are bring an electric vehicle - it must be fully charged, if not fully charged and you would like it to be charged by us you will need to show the driver how to charge it and you will have to pay £30 for the charge per hours and £30 per hour for the waiting time this payment has to be made by cash when you are dropping your vehicle off.

We are not liable to cover any ULEZ charges. You will have to arrange yourself to pay the charge. 

3. Complaint procedure

All complaints regarding the provision of service (not damage) must be received by email within 24 hours of return to the UK any complaint received after this time will not be considered. Damage complaints will only be considered if noted at the time of return of the vehicle. All Parking is subject to the terms and conditions of Eden Parking and the customer accepts Eden Parking is the booking handling agent and that all claims regarding damage or loss caused while moving vehicles must be claimed from Eden Parking. The company is not responsible in any way once the vehicle has been handed over to the customer upon departure. The company offers no warranty or indemnity as to the protection or safety of vehicles left in the car parking premises or any goods left within the vehicles and owners of vehicles are reminded that their own policies of insurance must be utilised in order to make any claim if such loss or damage occurs while the vehicle is in the car park area and was not directly the fault of Eden Parking. Any damage found on the vehicle on the time of return will not be considered unless it is brought to the attention of Eden Parking BEFORE leaving the airport. No liability whatsoever will be accepted if this is not adhered to.If a complaint relates to damage of your vehicle, you must allow us to inspect the vehicle before repairs are carried out (Provided the damage was notified and logged by Eden Parking at the time of collection/delivery). You can send us complaints by e-mail at or complaints may also be sent in writing to Eden Parking, Unit 1 Railway House, 14 Chertsey Road, Woking, Surrey, GU21 5AH. All calls to Eden Parking are charged at the rate agreed with your phone service provider. We may monitor and record calls. We do not accept claims or complaints over the phone, these must be by email or post.

If a customer books via a consolidator, any kind of payment methods customers must contact the consolidator. Eden Parking has the right to cancel any bookings at any time within 24 hours or after 24 hours whether direct or from any third party with reason or without reason.

4. Airport access charges

This is a new charge being applied to all authorised meet and greet parking operators at London Heathrow airport for the use of the short term car park and the designated areas at Heathrow. Our price includes these charges for first 15 minutes only. These conditions will remain in force unless changed by Eden Parking in writing.

5. Directions

It is the customers responsibility to ensure you have directions to your designated airport & designated meeting point to meet our driver. If you arrive early or late and have not informed the operator of your early/late arrival the operator reserves the right to allocate a new time slot and may charge extra, or may adhere to the original meeting time.

6. Privacy

We collect and record information about you to enable us to provide you with the best possible service, and to enable us to process your booking. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We will not use this information to contact you for marketing purposes, should you ask us not to do so and we will not share your information with any other organisations. If you have any questions or comments about privacy or if you wish to know what information we hold about you please email us at If you find any inaccuracies we will do our best to delete or correct them promptly. We take pictures of vehicles for our own records and we will be more than happy to provide them to you once requested by email. We may record all calls for training and monitoring purpose.

By accepting the terms and conditions you agree to Opt-in to our messaging service. You can Opt-out by sending an email to telling us that you would like to Opt-out.