Pay Later, before departure

When dropping off your vehicle you will have to pay the full amount (in British Pounds cash) otherwise we can refuse your vehicle.

off-airport-meet-n-greet-1Customers that chose to pay later must pay cash in British Pounds when they deliver the car before departure.

If full payment is not received we can refuse the vehicle and we will not be responsible for any losses like missed flight and damages that may be caused to the trip, vehicle and customer.

Pay later customer wants to make any changes or cancellations before 24 hours it is not chargeable. Within 24 hours changes are free and cancellation is 25% of the full amount.

After the booking time starts if there is no contact with the customer, the customer will have to pay the full amount.

If no show all payment must be paid in 3 weeks’ time; failure to pay the customer will have to pay extra charges as well the cost to cover the amount.